Many of the lecture courses are followed up with one or two tutorials. Tutorial questions will be provided by the lecturers, and a crack team of experienced tutors will be on hand to help. Although the main focus of the tutorials will be on the material of the school, you are encouraged to ask your tutors questions about any aspect of physics, your PhD and the range of available leisure activities in the area.

To help you get to know your tutors, they will also be contributing to the series of after-dinner seminars.

This year's tutors

Miriam Marques (Edinburgh)

Miriam is a research fellow in the physics department at the university of Edinburgh. Her research areas include computational materials physics and materials under extreme conditions.

Raul Santos (Cambridge)

Raul is a postdoctoral assistant at the university of Cambridge, having previously worked at the Weizmann institute in Israel, and Stony Brook university in the US. His research is in strongly correlated systems, using topics such as field theory and Bethe ansatz. Recently, he has worked a lot on topological phases of matter in strongly correlated systems.

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